Since 1981


I was born, grown in Lecco, little italian town that I have difficult to love or missed but still remembers the sound of the lake in winter time and that smell of infinity from the surrounding mountain. I can't deny to have an obligation to my city and a strong gratitude. Quiet life, people, caotic business, everything and nothing together, all necessary to push me to invent something new, to live in a parallel Magic Color World.
Imaginary friends in unusual places that have welcomed my days.
So, after different creative laboratories I obtained my Diploma in Illustration at School of Comic in Milan, where I found my personal vision of the reality through creative ways with all arts technics. I partecipated at several prices and realized illustrations for friends at 360°.
But my passion are illustrations for kids and greeting cards....less realistic art....but I could do and I could appreciate it because it's always art.

Lately I had a beautiful experience in Canada, Montreal for accuracy, like an explorer for looking for new ideas and sources of inspiration.
If I can, I'll travel around the world for looking for the good taste of things. But now I dreams a little house in Canada, with tubs, little fish and Lily flowers.
I don't drawn for living but I live for drawing.
One of my favourite place in the house is the kitchen. Because I open my eyes and see the beautiful tones and shades of the food, to utilese after in my white paper I likes brigthness colors, excesses and transgressions, comics and animations, games and toys, everything is different and new.

And when I have time, I love practise sport: I thinks that to be a wonderful illustrator I have to be in a physicallly and mental shape I dedicate all of my art to everybody that believe that in this world we cannot live without color and creative mind.


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